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At one time, witches, demons, werewolves and giants roamed our world, spawning our darkest fantasies and striking terror deep into our hearts. Their contact with humans had resulted in the legends that were later collected by the Brothers Grimm. Once true, these legends became distorted with time and were reduced to mere fairy tales. Today they still exist in the so-called Other Realm which is connected to our reality by hidden doors. One of these gates is in the small town Grimmsberg, home of 16-year-old Tom who suddenly begins experiencing cryptic visions. Together with his best friend Sina he learns from his guidance counselor of the existence of this gate to the Other Realm, which had opened at the moment of his birth. His counselor, Brigitte Gala, belongs to a secret organization called the Council of Threshold Guardians, which attempts to maintain a peaceful co-existence between humans and these mythical creatures. Tom and Sina find themselves confronting a witch the council had...
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